Tips for Choosing Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops

Homeowners who care about making a good impression on their guests should realize that their bathrooms are some of the most highly-frequented rooms in their homes. That means a certain degree of extra thought should go into choosing fixtures for bathrooms. When it comes to choosing new countertops for a recently constructed home or a bathroom remodel, there is no more timeless, elegant, and functional material available than natural granite.

These natural stone slabs are all unique, featuring different colors and patterns, which makes it easy for readers to find the perfect one to match their bathrooms' decor. They're also all-natural and quite sturdy, which means that with minimal maintenance they can last for many decades. Since new natural stone countertops constitute a serious investment for most homeowners, it's important that they take the time to understand their options, though.

Look for Consistency

Since they're fabricated out of a natural material, granite countertops can vary significantly in terms of surface texture, color, and pattern. Homeowners should carefully inspect the slabs or tiles they choose to ensure that their patterns are uniform and perfectly suited to meet the room's specific needs. It's always best to view slabs at a showroom prior to making a purchase instead of buying them online, as this gives homeowners a better idea of what to expect.

Ask About Strength

Unlike manufactured countertops, granite countertops do not receive strength ratings. That doesn't mean they don't vary in strength, though. Be sure to ask about the slab's structural integrity and to choose one that is at least 3/8 of an inch thick to ensure maximum longevity.

Consider Size

Space is often far more of a priority in bathrooms than it is in kitchens, which tend to be much larger. Make sure to choose a countertop that is large enough to accommodate residents' needs without overwhelming the room or making it difficult to move around.

Look for Quality

A trustworthy granite supplier will only offer high-quality samples. However, there are some signs that homeowners should be on the lookout for that may indicate an inferior-quality slab. These include surface pitting and fissures, veins, color concentrations, and unwanted shade variation.

Keep in mind that a consistently colored and patterned stone will almost always cost more than one that has observable inconsistencies. It's usually worth paying the extra money for a higher-quality slab of granite, though.

Bring Some Samples

When heading to the showroom to check out options, it's always a good idea to bring along samples of the cabinet and wall colors. While it's not necessary to purchase a slab that matches them perfectly, it does give homeowners the opportunity to evaluate how well the colors and patterns will complement their bathrooms' existing fixtures and decor.